The employees at QDC Plastics Company are committed to providing the finest packaging products by…
  • Constantly exceeding our customer’s expectation for product quality.
  • Vigorously following governmental and industry standards.
  • Providing accurate and timely delivery of products and services at the greatest possible value.

Quality & Convenience

At QDC we are especially proud of our ability to consistently meet the highest quality service demands of our customers.  Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and experienced staff enables us to deliver superior packaging products at very cost effective prices.  QDC embraces all good manufacturing practices (GMP) in processing its products.  QDC is a FDA certified single service container manufacturing plant.

The Challenge of Change

Today’s beverage products are changing faster than ever before.  Dairy, juices, teas, and vitamin fortified drinks, offering a wide variety of nutrients, are creating a renaissance in beverage packaging.  QDC Plastic Container Company is helping customers meet this “Challenge of Change” in marketing their products.

Nutritional Packaging Design

The new marketing opportunities being offered in the wellness and herbal renaissance requires equally exciting packaging.  QDC Plastic Container Company offers a wide variety of colors, various bottle sizes and embossed logos to launch your new health products into the spotlight.

From high potency power drinks that offer new vitality to the full range of herbal teas or immunities, QDC has a bottle that will enhance your success in Nutraceutical product marketing.

Facts to Know About QDC PET Bottles

  • QDC’s PET bottle with its crystal clarity opens up sales oportunities for new products including flavored milk, water, flavored water, juices, and nutraceutical products.
  • Blind taste tests have proven that the clear PET bottle was far superior to conventional packaging, and there was no oxidation flavor from being exposed to UV florescent lights that is normally found in cold storage.
  • Quality of milk flavor remains intact even after an extended period of time.
  • Reveals your product’s freshness and purity.
  • Sales increase dramatically over conventional packaging.
  • Resealable to maintain freshness of the product.
  • Offers a new and distinct look in the store coolers.
  • Available in two of the most popular neck finishes.
  • All of our bottles are free of BPA (Bisphenol A)
  • All of our bottles are 100% recyclable.

Packaging Changes Increase Sales

Quality Dairy Company of Lansing, Michigan, the parent company for QDC Plastic Container Company, is unique in the way they respond to these fast moving changes.  Quality Dairy owns both a dairy and 31 convenience stores where they market their products.  This flexibility allows them to keep close watch on product preferences and market trends.  Stan Martin, President of Quality Dairy commented, “Because our company is so responsive to change we have used many different containers in the past 30 years.  We’ve gone from glass to gable top paperboard cartons to a full range of HDPE bottle shapes and sizes.  Our most successful new packaging is the clear PET bottles.  We now sell our products in 16, 20 ounce and quart PET bottles.  We are also selling a full spectrum of  milk flavors, teas, juices, sports drinks and wellness beverages.  I feel our experience in the marketplace gives QDC Plastic Container Co. a better insight into consumers acceptance of both products and special bottle designs.”

QDC Supports Your Marketing Efforts

QDC Plastic Container Company is well known for its ability to develop innovative packaging using many different approaches to find solutions to customers’ packaging and marketing requirements.  Their experience in providing customers with a diverse range of plastic packages has also enabled them to offer ideas for improving your marketing efforts.

  • Providing accurate and timely delivery of products and services at the greatest possible value.